Logo Design

Logos are one of the trickiest areas in the design world. It takes almost zero talent to make a logo, virtually anyone can do it. However, making a good logo requires a lot of insight, artistic skill and patience. From a branding perspective, a logo is in many ways the face of your company. When someone thinks about “Nike” as an entity, they immediately see that famous swoosh, the same could be said of a million other brands such as Coca-Cola and Apple. This isn’t just true for global mega-brands either, who could forget the “Monster” energy drink with its claw mark “M”? The reason you remember these marks so vividly is that they’re unique, and companies will fight viciously to protect that. As Miracleworks, that is what we offer our clients, a unique logo.

Every brand, from the smallest website or startup, to corporate giants such as Nike or McDonald’s, need a set of branding guidelines and rules to maintain their identity. This document, which can range from a couple of pages, to several hundred, is the thread that holds together what the public sees from a company.