We are so excited to introduce our brand-new service, LogoSpin!!! LogoSpin is simply, the animation of logos. Every logo concept is unique, and often times has an amazing animation concept just waiting to be revealed.
Check out our Miracleworks logo animation below and be amazed.

So you’ve all probably seen the awesome and often beautiful animated movie studio logos that open a theatrical presentation, or the title graphics that come to define the brand of a television show or video production company. Many of them are memorable and entertaining. We can apply some of those same creative and inspirational animation techniques to your logo design for your corporate client or business presentation to really get their attention.

Seeing a great movie studio logo animation before the picture starts from 20th Century Fox or Universal Studios, for example (see below) is like watching a warm-up act before the presentation.

What to animate and why?

Depending on your logo design, you always need to first determine why you want to animate it and what story you want it to tell. Where will this animation be used? Will it be an animated avatar for a company’s online presence or website? Are you creating an animated title for a video production? Or is it for a product or service business? Whatever the case, you want it to convey a message or evoke an emotional response. After all, this is the extension of the logo or title design process. Your original logo design was created with purpose and should tell a story, now it’s time to bring that story to life.

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